Period app calendar: Meet DaysyDay!

With Daysy and the period app DaysyDay you always have an eye on your cycle!

Have you met Daysy? Daysy is a highly sophisticated fertility computer that helps you to live in harmony with your body. Daysy calculates your fertility for you and additionally displays the results in your individual period calendar in Daysy's free period app "DaysyDay". With this knowledge, you can specifically plan a pregnancy.

Using Daysy is extra simple and time-saving: Just take your basal temperature every morning before getting up and confirm if you currently have your period. That's it! Right away, Daysy shows you your fertility status. The display works with a colourful light: a red light means that you are currently fertile/possibly fertile and can become pregnant through unprotected sex. A green light means that you are currently not fertile. A yellow light indicates that Daysy is still getting to know you or that your cycle is currently irregular. The algorithm first needs to acquaint itself with you and your cycle. Simply treat the yellow days like red days and you might succeed in boosting your chances for a quick conception.

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What should a monthly period calendar offer to you?

Daysy can display even more than just your current fertility. Daysy's period app lets you look at your temperature curve, your cycle data and at a preview of next month’s cycle, in addition to several statistics about your cycle. It will make living in harmony with your natural rhythm even more comfortable!

"DaysyDay's" monthly period calendar is well structured and aesthetically appealing. Past days have the colour of your fertility status on that day. Future days are still empty. One look is enough to know which phase of your cycle you are currently in. You can also have a look at when your next menstruation will set in and be prepared.

Daysy's advantages over manual calculation

With some experience, regular measurements and analyses, as well as meticulous evaluation, you could also make a monthly period calendar yourself. That would require, however, that you take time out of every day to occupy yourself with this topic and analyse your cervical mucus or feel your cervix. With Daysy, you can avoid that and save a lot of time. At the same time, Daysy takes the burden of responsibility of your shoulders in correctly calculating and evaluating your data. You can rely on Daysy: From the first day onwards, Daysy is accurate in calculating your fertile and infertile phases. Due to its easy and time-saving use, Daysy is also ideally suited for all women who do not have time to calculate their fertility manually.

Daysy - Your personal fertility tracker (incl. app DaysyDay)
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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.