Let a fertility monitor calculate your fertile days

Daysy will show you reliably when you can get pregnant

Do you want to get pregnant? Are you looking for a fertility monitor that determines your fertile days quickly and accurately? Look no further than Daysy! Daysy is 100% natural and very accuarate! Determining when you are fertile is easy and comfortable with Daysy: Just take your temperature by measuring underneath your tongue before you get out of bed in the morning. If you are currently menstruating, confirm via the push of a button. That's it! You're done for the day. After only 60 seconds of measuring Daysy will flash a colorful light to show you if you are fertile. A green light means no. A red light means yes – you are currently fertile / possibly fertile. If you see a yellow light, it means that Daysy is still getting to know your cycle. And if you are currently ovulating, you will see a blinking red light. All clear? We told you it was easy!

Trying to get pregnant: Increase your chances

Why do some couples get lucky quickly and others have to wait for months to get pregnant? Physical reasons are rarely the cause for why couples are not getting pregnant. The most important thing you can do to get pregnant as quickly as possible is to have sex at the right time. Only unprotected sex during a certain fertile window can get you pregnant. This fertile window consists of only a handful of fertile days per cycle. So if you miss out on them, you have to wait for a whole cycle to get another chance. The fertility monitor Daysy determines this window with precision: your fertile days during which sex can lead to a pregnancy. The right timing will significantly increase your chances for conception.

When am I fertile? Daysy's app will show you all there is to know!

If you are struggling to make time alone with your partner, Daysy can help you out with that too. It comes with an app that offers optimal planning support: install "DaysyDay" for free on your smartphone and synchronize it with Daysy. Access your temperature curve and all your other cycle data and check out its best feature: the preview function that predicts next month's fertile window. This allows you to plan your free time around your cycle and make plenty of time alone with your partner on your fertile days. In addition, you can share these data with your partner and allow him to earmark your fertile days ahead of time as well.

But the most important thing remains: Don't stress out. The majority of it is up to nature and happens for a reason. Even if you regularly use the fertility monitor and have unprotected sex on your fertile days, it can take months to get pregnant. Not every attempt at cracking through the protective layer of the egg and fertilising it is successful, and not every successful attempt is followed by the next step of nestling in. It is nature's way of selecting the healthy embroys: Trust your body.