When are you most fertile? Discover your cycle!

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A woman's cycle is fascinating as it serves to conceive a child and bring forth the miracle of pregnancy. Every individual cycle is a little bit different and differences between two distinct women can be substantial. And yet there are commonalities that enable the determination of the fertile days. If you find yourself asking „When is a women fertile?“, you should read on.

When you are most fertile?When you are most fertile?

When am I fertile? Your 6 fertile days

Nature enables us to become pregnant on three to six days of the cycle, although the female egg can only be fertilised during a period of approximately 12 to 18 hours. This period is created because the male sperm can wait for the egg for several days. If sexual intercourse takes place a few days before ovulation, the sperm swim into your fallopian tubes and wait there. When, during ovulation, the egg „jumps“ into the tubes, the sperm are ready to receive it and, if possible, fertilise it.

Due to this scientific fact, we end up with a fertile period of usually six days per cycle. For some men, sperm are not active that long, which us why the time frame can be slightly shorter. In any case, the day of ovulation remains highly fertile, even when sperm are only active for a very short time. But such cases are very, very rare.

You ask yourself: „When is a woman most fertile?“

The easiest way to answer this is with a fertility computer such as Daysy. With Daysy, you take your basal temperature underneath the tongue in the morning before getting up. You might be asked to confirm that you are currently menstruating, and then you’re done: Daysy immediately shows you whether you are currently fertile. This way, Daysy gives you the correct answer to your question „When am I fertile?“ every day.

But when am I most fertile if my cycle is irregular?

Doing a manual calculation of when you are most fertile gets increasingly complicated when your cycle is irregular. But Daysy also helps you in this case. Daysy's unique algorithm has been developed and perfected on the basis of five million evaluated female cycles. That is why Daysy can calculate when a woman is most fertile with very high accuracy and help you to become pregnant quickly and easily.

Let Daysy answer the question „When am I fertile?“ for you! Let it display to you on a daily basis whether you are currently fertile after a measurement of just your temperature that lasts for only 60 seconds. There is hardly a quicker and simpler way! Get informed about Daysy's many other advantages and use the knowledge of 30 years of research for your own family planning!

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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.