Menstrual cycle

Discover more about your natural, female cycle!

The menstrual cycle is an important part of your femininity and your body. In many complex processes that interlock seamlessly, it enables new life to be created. The menstrual cycle is basically the same for every woman but still very individual. The order in which each phase takes place is always the same. But the length of each phase, such as the duration of menstruation or the distance to ovulation vary from woman to woman.

Knowing your monthly cycle can help you live a life in harmony with your natural rhythm. Daysy can save you a lof of time if you want to know as precisely as possible when your  fertile and infertile days will be.

Calculate your menstrual cycle with Daysy!

Daysy is a highly sophisticated fertility tracker with a unique algorithm. All it requires to quickly and reliably determine your fertility is your morning basal temperature. Take it underneath your tongue in the morning prior to getting out of bed. After only 60 seconds, Daysy will let you know that the measurement was a success by beeping twice. On some days, you will be asked to confirm that you currently have your period. The result is then displayed to you right away, and Daysy automatically records all results for you.

If you would like to look into more data beyond your fertility status, you can install the free app "DaysyDay" on your smartphone and synchronise it with Daysy. This way, you have your data with you at all times and can check in the preview function when to expect your next ovulation or your next period.

Your menstrual cycle: as individual as yourself!

After using Daysy for a while, you will see that your menstrual cycle is rather unique. Although the order of the different phases is the same for every woman, there are still significant differences. You might have a rather long period bleed or a short cycle altogether. The timing of ovulation is also different for every woman. Times when you are under a lot of stress might reflect in your cycle, as stress changes the cycle for many women. Just view this is as a sign that it is time to reduce your stress.

With Daysy you always have a clear overview of your cycle and can learn a lot about yourself and your body. Examining your individual cycle will make you feel close to your own body and less surprised by what it does.

Calculating fertile phases: simple and quick with Daysy

Daysy gives you a new understanding of what is going on in your body. This way you give your body the chance to find its natural rhythm again. Daysy let you know your fertile and infertile days. But please be aware that it does not suffice to calculate your menstrual cycle with the help of a calendar. Daysy's accuracy is only possible because Daysy works with a unique and sophisticated algorithm that was developed in several decades of research and studies. 5 million female cycles were recorded, analysed and evaluated. Daysy's software has been successfully used before in the LadyComp and has proven itself thousands of times. If you want to calculate the fertile phase of your menstrual cycle, you can rely on Daysy.

Learn more about the simple use of Daysy and the advantages of "DaysyDay" now!

Daysy 2.0 - Your personal fertility tracker (incl. app DaysyDay)
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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.