DaysyView 2.1

DaysyView 2.1.0 - Full Rollout includes Menstruation Edit feature and improved synchronization

With all of the excitement of the Daysy 2.0 launch, we have also been working diligently to improve DaysyView and bring back the features you missed most. As our users know, the menstruation edit function of the app is one of the most complex features of the app and allows two-way communication between the app and your device, thus having a direct effect on your fertility calculations. As such, it was necessary to be cautious about letting the new app access your data on the Daysy device. The Daysy device is what holds the database, algorithm, and is where calculations for your fertility status occur. DaysyView 2.1.0 has been extensively tested by our internal team and we’ve had the amazing help of some of you to provide feedback with the beta version. Starting today, DaysyView 2.1.0 will be in full release so be sure to check for updates on your phone.  

Continuing improvements:

We are aware that some users with years of data on their Daysys may encounter long sync times after editing menstruation.  Our team will continue to improve this over the next month.

Synchronization times in general will continue to be improved. 

Increased compatibility with more phone models.

Instructions for using the DaysyView menstruation edit function:

Using DaysyView, you can edit up to the past three days of menstruation data.

-Sync Daysy for the current day after your morning measurement.
-Disconnect Daysy from your phone/tablet.
-Select the first date to be edited on the calendar.
-Choose Add from the bottom of the display.
-Select the period icon so it is fully pink.
-Press Save in the top right corner.
-A pop up of Data Syncing will appear, followed by a message asking if you want to edit another day.
-Select Yes to edit additional days and repeat the steps above.
-After making all necessary edits, select No when asked if you want to edit another day.
-Follow the prompt to connect Daysy to your phone and turn her on. Be patient!
-A popup window appears saying Daysy Syncing.
-This window may disappear and reappear several times as the data is edited on your Daysy. Be patient and do not disconnect Daysy until Daysy falls asleep.
-If the cycle day still appears wrong, select another day on the calendar and then back to the current day and it should be updated.

Thank you for your support, understanding, and patience with this important process. 

Perfection takes time and there is always room for improvement so our commitment to you is to never stop working to meet your needs.

DaysyView 2.0

DaysyView 2.0.1 - Update

Dear Daysys,

After the last update to our DaysyView app, there have been some initial usage problems. We thank you for your constructive feedback, which has helped us identify the main issues and their causes. We promised to fix the problems with further updates. The next update, which will be available very soon, addresses the following issues:

When switching from calendar view to temperature curve, some phones crashed. The root cause for this was a mismatch between the screen width the phone reported to the app and the actual physical pixel width of the screen. This will be improved with the upcoming update. 

With some mobile devices, the synchronization process has been repeatedly interrupted. We have improved the synchronization response time. There may still be slight delays during the login process on iPhones. The smartphone initializes the communication between Daysy and the phone. Daysy should therefore remain connected to the phone and be reactivated if it turns itself off. If synchronization on Android phones does not start, reconnecting the cable to the phone will help. We will stay on the ball to further improve communication in the course of a follow-up update.

Mismatch of Dates:
A bug in the database had sent multiple requests to the phone, sometimes shifting dates. This has caused a misaligned date in the app for some users. A new measurement on the following morning often solved this problem by itself. An update in the backend has been available since yesterday, so improvement should be seen here. Please contact our customer support if the problem persists.

Menstruation edits:  
This has not been addressed in the coming update, but will be coming in a future update.  Menstruation should be entered directly on Daysy.  This video shows the procedure,  If you have trouble holding the button to enter M, a trick is to use a finger or thumbnail to hold the button, or insert the TRRS cable and then press and hold the button.

Temperature Curve:
You will now be able to view one full cycle (from vertical grey line to vertical grey line).  The button on the top right corner will allow you to see a larger image as in the pictures below. This zoom feature enlarges the screen to see even small temperature jumps. We will continue to improve the temperature curve over time.

As requested, the respective cycle day number can now be viewed again. It is displayed directly below the temperature of the respective day.

As you will hopefully notice, we take your feedback very seriously and hope that you enjoy the new features and experience an improvement with the app.

Please note further small and large improvements and extensions of the new app, such as the menstruation input or the partner function, will follow in the upcoming days and weeks.

We are open for improvements and are looking forward to your feedback on DaysyView 2.0. We remain commited to keeping you informed about the app update progress. 

Your Daysy-Team


DaysyView 2.0 - Progress Update

Thank you again for your feedback on the first phase of development of DaysyView 2.0. Please be assured the app development team is working around the clock to resolve issues and optimize the app experience for every user.

There will be several more phases of app development, as initially outlined in our communications. 

A new app was necessary in order to adapt and change to new technologies (phones, operating systems). We are now in a place to develop this new, more agile app further and perfect its functions and features.

At this time, thousands of users have already synced successfully. However, we are currently working to resolve as priority 1) syncing issues and 2) data/date alignment as quickly as possible.

Unlike other apps, DaysyView 2.0 is a companion app that communicates with a specific device, Daysy. As such, it is not as simple a process of development. We appreciate your patience.

The next focus for the app development team will be adjustment of the temperature curve view in response to your feedback. This is a complex fix (for example, the "Zoom" function varies from phone type to phone type), but be assured we will be adjusting this feature as quickly as possible.

The next step will be the return of important functions that were left out of this phase 1 update in order to bring the release forward.

Please note that there is currently not a way to edit menstruation through the app. Since all of your data is stored on Daysy, and this is where your fertility calculations are done, please input your menstruation directly on your Daysy. You can input your menstruation on your Daysy any time during the day (within 18 hours of taking your temperature) by simply turning Daysy on and then pressing and holding the button until the violet light remains illuminated.

Looking ahead, yet more updates and additions will be made in response to your feedback. 

We have heard your concerns, and we feel confident that once we complete the development phases, DaysyView 2.0 will provide an improved app experience for all users.

Thank you so much for your support.


A message regarding feedback on DaysyView 2.0 + troubleshooting information 

We want to thank you for your feedback on DaysyView 2.0. Your experience of the app is of utmost importance to us. Your suggestions and concerns will be taken into account as we roll out new updates to this app. Additional features will be released with each new update. We appreciate your engagement with this process and your patience.

If you are currently working with customer support on issues with the app, please continue to go by the fertility status indications on the Daysy device itself as your first point of reference.

It is our goal, with each additional update, that the app will fulfill the needs of all of our Daysy users.

In the meantime, we will be following up here by posting some general troubleshooting information that should provide the information needed for many of your current technical issues.

Kindly follow the steps as outlined below in order to solve the individual issue you are experiencing with the app. Should the troubleshooting instructions not bring the desired results kindly get in touch with your local customer support team.


M.I.S.S. GmbH
Breite 2
82418 Murnau am Staffelsee


Please make sure to include the following information in your email: 

1. The issue you are experiencing and what you have already tried to solve it 
2. The type of phone you are using 
3. The software version of your phone (iOS 9.0 etc or Android 5.0 etc)



A. How to install the app without losing your notes and intercourse data: 

If DaysyView did not update automatically, please update the app on your phone, without deleting the old version. Your notes and SI data will be migrated upon synchronization.

B. How to log in:

Please make sure you're not in the demo login, but in the Daysy login. Be sure the volume on your mobile device is turned up and not set on silent, and that the app has access to your microphone.
To log in to the app, please do the following:
-Open the app
-Accept the data protection rules
-Very important: Please select DAYSY LOGIN and NOT demo login
- Connect your Daysy with your phone and activate it.
- The app will now retrieve the serial number of your Daysy.
- Then you should be able to enter your email address.
- Now click on the round red icon.
- The activation code will be sent to your email address. If it is not received, please confirm there was not a spelling error in the email entry.
- Please enter this activation code in your app (and confirm it with the red round icon).
- Now you can start syncing by reconnecting your Daysy to your phone and activating it. 
- A new window appears saying that your Daysy is synchronizing.
- Please be patient and do not disconnect your Daysy from the phone.
- Once Daysy has finished syncing and you can see the latest data, you can disconnect Daysy from your phone and cable.
When syncing for the first time, the app must pull all data from your Daysy, so you may see the "syncing" window disappear briefly and data does not show on correct dates. Wait 1-2 seconds and the "syncing" window reappears and finalizes the process so all of your data is displayed correctly.

C. Synchronization failed:

1. Make sure DaysyView has access to the microphone on your phone. To check, go to phone settings, find DaysyView, and be sure that the microphone is enabled.
2. Make sure that the volume on your phone is not muted and the volume is turned up.
3. Close all apps that may be running in the background (double click on the home button and swipe up on all apps).
4. If you have an iPhone series 7, 8, X, please go ahead and connect the trrs cable to the Apple lightning adapter.
5. Now open DaysyView to the calendar display.
6. Connect the TRRS cable to Daysy, being sure the pin of the cable is fully inserted in Daysy.
7. Now plug the cable/adapter into your phone (if you're using an iPhone 6, please be sure you have one o-ring on the end of the cable being plugged into your phone).
8. Press the button to turn Daysy on. 
9. You should see a window that says "data syncing.' Depending on how much data is to be transferred, this may take a few seconds or a minute or so before the calendar days are filled in with your fertility statuses. If the window disappears, and data looks to be on the wrong dates, please wait 1-2 seconds for the window to reappear and finalize the process. 

D. Data is not displayed correctly:

Please log out and wait to sync until after taking your temperature tomorrow morning. The new app needs a very recent temperature measurement to assign the initial dates.


Thank you again for your feedback and engagement with this process.