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Pille, Spirale & Co. Nebenwirkungen, was tun?

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Contraception? Yes, but the natural way!

For millions of women, the invention of the birth control pill was and is a great relief, the fear of unwanted pregnancies ended. The fact that the pill also has health side effects is still often trivialised. It is also almost unknown that it consumes vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are essential for the metabolism and whose absence can lead to health problems.

  • What is the pill really?
  • What does it contain if no hormones?
  • What are its ingredients? How does it work?
  • What does it do unwanted?
  • Where do the side effects come from, some of which can be serious and even fatal?
  • ... And are there alternatives?

And if it is used, what can I do so that it does not lead to so many side effects?
Questions over questions. Our book recommendation „Pille, Spirale & Co. Nebenwirkungen, was tun?“ gives answers!

Only available in German!


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Accepted payment methods: Credit card, PayPal, advance payment
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