It’s getting hot in here: our summer sale starts now!

Save 20% on your Daysy from July 2nd to 8th

Here at Daysy HQ, we believe every girl (and woman) deserves a hot summer! And, to be honest, you all deserve a hot winter, spring, and fall too. We’re not talking about bikinis, beaches, and vacations - although we love all of those things too - we’re talking about tracking your basal body temperature so you know that you ovulated. Huh?

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Let’s go back to class, just for a minute. Daysy uses basal body temperature to track and confirm when you ovulate and all of your fertile and non-fertile days. Right after you ovulate your temperature spikes and you stay “hotter” right until the days before your period arrives. It’s not the kind of warmth you’ll feel, it’s a tiny step up in temp that can only be picked up by Daysy’s highly sensitive sensor. 

So, when we say all of our Daysies (that’s women who use Daysy) are looking forward to their hot girl summer, that’s exactly what we mean - a summer of ovulation-confirming temperature shifts that mean your body is happy, healthy, and doing it’s fertile thing. 

So, why do you need to know if or when you ovulate?

  1. You’ll know when you’re fertile and not fertile every cycle.
  2. You’ll know when your period is arriving, with accuracy.
  3. You can monitor your health and health issues, e.g. PCOS and thyroid conditions.
  4. You can track the impact of natural treatment protocols and diet and lifestyle changes.
  5. You can plan your family.

See? Hot girl summer is about so much more than bikinis and beaches. Your body is amazing. 

Take this summer to get to know your body better - track those temperature shifts so you know that you have ovulated. Oh, and when that temp drops, you’ll know without a doubt your period is on the way, which makes summer-time planning a whole lot easier. 

Have the hot summer you deserve with Daysy.