Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you have to use contraception.

Determining fertile days and preventing a pregnancy

When are your most fertile days? Daysy helps you!

You want to prevent a pregnancy but want to avoid permanent methods of contraception such as the pill or the IUD? Then Daysy is right for you! Daysy determines your fertile days for you and displays to you daily whether you have to use contraception or not.

It can be very time-consuming to determine fertile days when you have to do the measurements and calculations all by yourself. With the common, manual method without a cycle monitor like Daysy, it is very important to work precisely and evaluate the data of possibly several indicators. For instance, your temperature curve, the changes in your cervical mucus and the condition of your cervix. Through the combination of these methods you can receive a relatively accurate result. These methods do, however, require some practice and a lot of time, every day. Daysy is the comfortable alternative, because it does all the work for you!

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Determine fertile days / fertile window with the cycle monitor Daysy

If you choose Daysy, you can look forward to a particularly simple and quick application. Daysy has been designed so that it does not require you to think. After a couple of times you will be able to use Daysy while you're still half-asleep! In order for Daysy to determine your fertile days for you, you merely have to measure the temperature underneath your tongue every morning for 60 seconds. After that, Daysy might require you to confirm via the push of a button that you have your period. That's it! Directly after measuring, Daysy displays your result via a red, green or yellow light. Red means fertile, green means infertile and yellow shows you that Daysy is still learning. You should treat the yellow days like red days.

In order for Daysy's ability to determine fertile days using only the changes in temperature, comprehensive research and studies were required. Daysy's highly modern, unique algorithm has been developed on the basis of 5 million female cycles. This way, Daysy can provide 99,3% accuracy in determining your fertile days. This offers you a high level of safety in your natural family planning.

Daysy has an app for your smarthpone: DaysyView!

Daysy's design has been reduced to the essential for a particularly simple use and space-saving application. In order for you to still have access to your cycle data, Daysy has a free app that you can load onto your smartphone. DaysyView offers you the option to look at your temperature curve, your current cycle data or create a preview for the next month. Especially the preview function offers you many advantages, because it allows you to align the planning of your free time in accordance with your individual, female rhythm. You can use your infertile days for time for two and plan the next visit to the pool when you're not menstruating. If you want, you can also share your cycle data with your partner via DaysyView. This way, he too has an overview over your current fertility and can adjust to whether he should be using a condom during sex.

DaysyView offers you the additional option to take notes and, for instance, input the times you have had sex. This is especially helpful when you use Daysy to plan a pregnancy. This way it only takes one look to see if you have already made adequate use of the fertile days in your current cycle.

Whichever way you want to use the knowledge about your fertility, determining fertile days has never been easier than it is with Daysy!